Referrals Are Very Important To Our Success

We pride ourselves on recruiting and placing the best possible client candidates in what can only be described as a very competitive marketplace.  Are you aware of colleagues / friends who are actively or even passively looking for a new opportunity

Vista Technology will pay you $500.00 for every placed referral resulting from your efforts. All referrals must be new candidates to Vista Technology and be submitted through our on-line system. Upon receipt of a referral, within 3 business days you will be notified of eligibility. There is no limit on the number of referral bonuses that you can collect and there is no expiration date on referrals. At the end of the calendar year, the individual who refers the most qualified placed referrals will receive an additional bonus of $1000.00.

Fill out the referral form and start earning extra money today. NOTE: Referring oneself is not a valid referral and will not be eligible for a referral bonus.

Referral Form

Your referral bonus will be processed on the 120th day following the candidate’s start date. (e.g. Referred Candidate accepts position on March 15th; commences employment on April 10th; July 9th would be the date of the check being processed.) Your referred candidate must stay at the new position / new company for the length of the guarantee period.

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Phone: 978.686.2200



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