There are two kinds of search a client candidate / job seeker can undertake: one is an "active search" and the second is a "passive search".

What is the difference between the two?

An active search, as the name implies, is where a candidate has made a conscious decision to leave their current employ and move on. This reason could be something internal to their current situation (new boss, re-org, project being terminated, etc.) or be driven by external factors such as a spouse relocation.

A passive search indicates that at the present time you are content, but you also recognize that new opportunities present themselves every day. You simply want to be aware of what those opportunities are. The opportunities you would be interested in hearing about may have qualifiers such as location, type of company, position, etc.. Under a passive search you would not be represented actively to client companies.

When you undergo a search for a new opportunity with Vista Technology, you have minimized the amount of time you will take going out on unqualified interviews with unqualified companies. We will go over all positions with you in detail - this includes not only a description of the qualifications needed but also a background of the company and the opportunity that is available. If there is interest on your part, we will work to encourage the company to interview you. Together, we will go over a total preparation for the interview with what you will need to know. Also, a preparation for the interview will take place between the client company and our company. Once the interview is over, an extensive feedback process with you as well as the client company will occur. Finally, when it is offer time, we will work with both you and the company to negotiate a fair, acceptable compensation package on both parties behalf.

Whichever type of search meets your criteria, you can assure yourself that professional representation and confidentiality when appropriate will occur.

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